homer.jpg This list is a work-in-progress collecting names of 761st Tank Battalion veterans (showing their 1945 rank) from various reliable sources.

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Caldwell, James ?
Calvert, Charles W CPT
Campbell, Arthur E CPT
Campbell, Henry P ?
Campbell, Walter J TECH5
Cannon, Edward E 1LT
Cardell, Daniel SGT
Carr, Albert ?
Carrington, Albert N Jr. ?
Carter, Richard A TECH4
Cavins, Eddie ?
Chapman, Carlton CPL
Chatman, Issac TECH5
Clark, Horace J TECH5
Clayton, Joseph C PFC
Clements, William ?
Cochrane, Frank C 2LT
Colbert, Osborne SGT
Colding, Tommie D SGT
Coleman, James C TECH5
Coleman, Kenneth W 2LT
Collier, George TECH5
Collins, O D SGT
Conway, Henry H SSG
Cooke, John T SGT
Cooper, Theodore R PVT
Cooper, Samuel H TECH4
Copeland, Clarence Sr. PVT
Cornelius, Fred L 1SG
Council, Javan TECH5
Cox, Walter J CPL
Crabtree, Fred W SGT
Crawford, Luther ?
Crayton, Ralph PFC
Crecy, Warren G H 2LT
Cruise, Edward E MAJ